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Augusta United Logo

Strategic Plan


The Augusta United Soccer Club (Augusta United) provides all youth and adults superior, comprehensive soccer programming emphasizing player development, enjoyment and citizenship.  Augusta United is dedicated to serving the local and regional soccer communities.


Augusta United will be a locally-cherished and regionally respected soccer community through club building, innovative programming and high quality facilities.


Augusta United will create an environment fostering a positive and fun experience for all involved, building friendships and resulting in life long advocates of the game of soccer.

Player Development
Augusta United will focus its resources to provide an innovative, thorough, and vertically-integrated player development program.  Augusta United will develop the whole player to achieve his or her highest level of ability and interest.  We understand that coach development is directly correlated to player development.

Augusta United welcomes all participants and values diversity.  Augusta United will provide programming suitable for all ages and abilities and will actively seek to remove obstacles to participation, including language and financial barriers.

Augusta United expects its staff, coaches, volunteers, players, families and referees to comport themselves respectfully at all Augusta United activities.  Through healthy competition, participation promotes teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, and a sense of community.

Augusta United is a non-profit community servant that partners with public and private entities to provide healthy recreational opportunities to residents of the region.

Augusta United will uphold the highest level of ethical standards and is committed to maintaining an educated, talented staff with expertise in their field.  Courtesy, honesty, integrity, and proper conduct shall be cornerstones of all actions.



Augusta United will build and own facilities of high quality that promote and allow for the growth of the game and club at every level.  Augusta United will actively seek and pursue other facility partnership opportunities.

Soccer Expertise

Augusta United will be the preeminent soccer expert in its region.   We will establish and follow best practices through qualified staff, unique programs, appropriate competition and player development pathways.  We shall employ innovative and intentional methodology to develop players to the full extent of their ability and interest.

Club Culture

Augusta United will establish a unique identity that reinforces our club values through communication and actions.    We shall broaden and strengthen member relationships, deepening club loyalty.  Augusta United will be a prominent member of the community.

Participation Growth

Augusta United will prioritize increased participation through identification of new players and retention of existing players.   We will grow the game and spread the love of soccer in the community.

Augusta United will establish fiscal and operational priorities to maintain financial stability and enduring success. We shall prioritize accessibility for participants, fair compensation for employees and club sustainability.